Great stuff happening on today’s Carnival of HR (yes, I’m a contributor for this one). Big thanks to Gareth for hosting it.

Inside My Head...

Well here it is folks – my first ever hosting of the illustrious Carnival of HR and what an honour. Hopefully it won’t be my last 😉 To make things a little more interesting I decided to pick a theme, which turned out to be “challenging the future of the organisation”. It’s been a hotly debated topic of late on twitter and the blogoshere and I’m sure the conversation will run and run. You can see my brief to bloggers here.

So without further ado, lets take a deep dive into the contributions and what a great crop they are too. First up is a new acquaintance of mine, Broc Edwards, or @foolwithaplan as he is known on twitter. In his first post for Carnival – Why hierarchies? Pizza and Beer Syndrome – he explores why most organisations ‘settle’ for the status quo when there appear to be…

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