if you want something done, give it to a busy person

Years ago as a consultant I noticed a trend so prevalent it borders on a Truth of the human psyche: everyone thinks they are hard workers; everyone thinks they are busy. Even the people who aren’t hard workers – who obviously and clearly aren’t busy – think they are.

Observation also shows that the most productive people are also the most eager (or at least willing) to take on new projects. On the flip side, those who spend all their time telling you how busy they are and complain about the burden of new assignments never seem to get much done.

I’d write more about this important subject, if only I weren’t so busy…


  1. This is a truth I’ve been struggling with for years! I’ve definitely learned that “busy” is relative from person to person and depending upon what they can handle. I also learned that the better you are with time management the less you busy you appear when really you’re doing a 1,000 things a day. It’s frustrating for people to misjudge your own level of business or exaggerate their own.


  2. Some truly busy & productive people need to learn not to enable the “I’m too busy” people by continuing to take on their work. At some point, productive becomes swamped and then nobody is getting anything done on time or to standard.


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