You think like a complete banker

There is no regulation preventing banks from providing great customer service. In fact, banking services are an easily copied commodity – the only thing that sets one bank apart from another is the customer experience. But you sure wouldn’t know it the way many (most?) banks act.

101 Half Connected Things

Last week I found someone’s cashcard on the street. It was from one of the ‘traditional’ High Street banks. It was a horrible day with rain coming down by the bucket load in central London. I was looking like a Tesco Value Mr Darcy from THAT scene in Pride and Prejudice. A bit.

I thought it would be a nice thing to do to reunite the lost card with its owner – I imagine they were having a far worse day than me as losing access to your money is hugely stressful, especially if you don’t know if it has been lost or stolen.

Before becoming freelance I worked for Metro Bank for a short time – I’m declaring that up front as it might explain why I was so baffled by what happened next. If you worked at Metro Bank you had an amazing service ethic – you didn’t…

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