are you a simplifier or a complicator?

In an interview in the June/July 2012 issue of Switchback magazine, Specialized founder Mike Sinyard mentions that bike designer Robert Egger has told him, “Hey, you want people here that are simplifiers not complicators.”

No surprise, but I love this concept. Simplifiers make it easy to get things done, make it easy for the customer, make it easy for employees, make it easy for leaders. Complicators bring the drama, politics, the tome-thick rule book, bureaucracy, silos, fiefdoms, roadblocks…

This applies to every position in every department in every organization, but I bring it to HR. I touched on this a little bit with the post simplify, then add lightness. Now, let’s go further. Imagine what HR would look like, how HR would operate if it was a simplifier that made it easier for leaders to make great decisions. I’ve never really had words for it before, but that’s what HR looks like inside my head.

So which are you?

Your thoughts? Please leave a reply.

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