technology has changed, humanity hasn’t… part 3

“Everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal. Anything created between birth and the age of 30 is incredibly exciting and creative and with any luck you can make a career out of it. But whatever is invented after you’re turned 30 is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it – until it’s been around for about 10 years, when it gradually turns out to be all right really.”

~ Douglas Adams


“Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases: 1) It’s completely impossible. 2) It’s possible, but not worth doing. 3) I said it was a good idea all along.

~ Arthur C. Clarke


  1. I am familiar with a similar quote by Arthur Schopenhauer: “All truth goes through three phases. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Moving forward, I may have to switch to the Arthur C. Clarke version … thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Laurie, thanks for commenting. I hadn’t heard the Schopenhauer version and I quite like it. Ridiculed, violently opposed, and then accepted. It’s amazing how us humans do this with almost all changes that threaten our status quo, even “changes” that aren’t really changes, only additional choices. Progress, it seems, is resisted right up until it is embraced.


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