just show up

“80% of success is just showing up.” ~ Woody Allen


“Did you get out and run this morning?” The guy at the gym locker next to mine knew I often liked to get out and run through the neighborhood in the morning.

I told him I had. But admitted I’d been lazy and hadn’t run much this past month but was enjoying getting back in the groove.

“It happens.” He said. “I’ve been pretty uninspired the past couple of weeks, too. I just keep coming in. The hardest part is just getting here.”

Such a great perspective. I had gotten out of the habit and slacked off. He had some less than great workouts but showed up daily. Any guesses to who is better off? He’s maintaining while I’m rebuilding.

This morning’s conversation serves as a great reminder that work and life is going to be tough sometimes. We won’t be able to fine the new employees we want, we won’t know how to deal with the employees we have, passion and joy will be replaced by gutting out another day, we’ll forget our vision and inspiration and start watching the clock. It happens.

It’s so easy to back off, so easy to justify, and so valuable when we don’t. Keep coming in. Keep the habit going. The hardest part is just showing up.


  1. Sometimes choosing to show up is that all important first step. There are days when I have had to force myself out the door, when I have wanted to “chicken out” and stay in my safe zone. I can honestly say, that each and every time I chose to show up, I benefited personally and professionally. Not always easy, but never a waste of time.


  2. Broc,

    It was a long time ago so I can’t remember who said it, but the person said that they allowed themselves to turn around and leave the gym once they got there. But they had to at least show up at the gym! However, as one might expect, I believe the person said that they would always (or almost always) stay once they got there. Like you said, just show up. Once you do that, you’ve got a lot of momentum already going in the right direction.

    I love working out and I’ve told myself many times over the years that a decent workout is much, much better than not working out at all. I try to show up and do the best that I can that day even if it’s not as good as some other days.


  3. Okay, about that quote….I’ve always hated that quote! 🙂 I’ve had a lot of employees (and too many Little Leaguers to count) who subscribe to this motto ~ do SOMETHING, otherwise you’re taking my Oxygen!


    1. Ok, that made me laugh. Yes, you have to *do* something. Even taking that quote literally, 80% doesn’t equal 100% of success. 80% to a destination is still not arriving. That said, you have to show up before you can perform. Our employees have to be there before they can get the job done. You have to start before you can finish. Intentions don’t count, results do.

      I also like to think of “showing up” as being fully present, being there and ready to rock vs.simply being physically in the building, taking up space, and converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.


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