it takes a strong leader…

It takes a strong leader to…

…realize that refusing to lose can prevent you from winning.

…hire people who aren’t anything like you and to appreciate them all the more for it.

…develop others past the leader’s skills and potential.

…give glory to the team and carry the responsibility of failure alone.

…be wrong.

…hold others accountable while still seeing and supporting their potential greatness.

…be silly, look foolish, or by joyful.

…recognize, admit, and correct a poor decision.

…be transparent.

…continuously strive to improve their leadership skills.

…shut up and let others talk.

…let others shine.

…not confuse authority with self-worth.

…seek collaboration.

…believe that their way may not be the best and seek to learn from others.

…be authentic.

…understand that people laugh louder and longer at the leader’s jokes.

…wonder where they are getting in their own way.

…support without smothering and empower without abandoning.

…not be defined by their wins or their losses.

…understand that business gets done by and through people.


What else does it take a strong leader to do?

Your thoughts? Please leave a reply.

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