Ideas for the weekly team meeting

Peter Watts over at “The Presenters’ Blog” recently posted a review on my book “what thinks you?” He had nice things to say about it (thanks!) but most interesting to me was that he approached it as a “thought-a-day” leadership guide. He sees the book as a way to improve staff meetings by creating conversation around development, motivation, customer service, and (of course) employee and HR topics. Interesting take.

The Presenters' Blog

by Peter Watts

What to talk about at the weekly team meeting?

It’s a seventh-day conundrum. Yet again it’s Monday morning. Yet again it’s that darned team meeting, and yet again, as the person chairing it, you’ve got no idea what to talk about.

Let’s just present the weekly team meeting with the same agenda as last week. Which, incidentally, would be the same agenda as the previous week’s team meeting, and the same agenda as the week before that.

Ironic therefore when we complain that weekly team meetings are a non-achieving waste of time.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. I’m going to suggest therefore that the vast majority of  team meetings are a collective act of organisational mass-insanity that waste mind-blowing quantities of human hours every single week.

To break free of the insanity…

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