quick update

I’ve been pretty quiet lately so thought I’d give a quick update:

The biggest news is that I’m leaving my job and Texas to move to my hometown in Nevada for family reasons. It’s a small town in the middle of everywhere and I am starting to explore what I want work to look like and who I want to work with/for (and, of course, who wants to work with me). More on that later.

I’m prepping to co-present What if Employee Engagement was Actually Important? at Louisiana SHRM in Baton Rouge on Monday the 7th. It’s a fun presentation based on the idea that although everyone says engagement is so important the engagement numbers stayed flat for the past decade plus. So what would we do different if we actually thought it was a problem worth solving? Robin Schooling and crew organize a great conference and I’m excited to be invited back.

Started reading Igniting the Invisible Tribe by Josh Allan Dykstra. Haven’t finished it yet but so far it’s good stuff about changing the game of work in the vein of Betterness by Umair Haque and Culture Shock by Will McInnes. Find it, read it, and maybe even love it.

I registered to attend HREvolution in Dallas in November and HR Reinvention in Omaha in May. Both events promise to be fantastic and I’m really looking forward to meeting, talking to, and learning from some of the most interesting folks in HR.

Finally, I’m no longer running the Tough Mudder in May. I discovered my son has a martial arts tournament that day so that’s the priority. I’ll find another event later in the year.

How are things in your world?


  1. It sounds like many exciting changes Broc, and Nevada is one beautiful state. Much good fortune with everything that the future holds. Just make sure you keep blogging! The blogosphere would miss you!!


  2. Peter, Sukh, and Bina – really appreciate your comments and well wishes. It is a big change, but ultimately a good one. Good to post something again. I miss writing and really need to get back in that habit.


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