real world mission statements

What would happen if company mission statements were a summary of how the company actually operates instead of the all too common collection of socially acceptable phrases strung together by a committee? Perhaps we’d see more like:

  • We leverage short-term relationships to extract maximum value from customers.
  • Myopically focusing on quarterly results at the expense of long-term stability.
  • All of our decisions and actions are based on a simple premise: If you don’t own stock in this company, we don’t care about you.
  • We sell cheap crap. You should buy lots.
  • Boldly facing the future by continuing to do what worked in 1978.
  • We say we value diversity but vehemently oppose people and ideas different than our status quo.
  • We fear change and are lobbying hard to enact regulations that will limit our need to adjust to new business models.

What did I miss?

[Thanks to David D’Souza (@dds180 and for inspiring this post and starting the list!]


  1. Nice list, Broc ~ I agree that all companies would be well served by getting “real” instead of the rote stuff they utilize now – employees, by and large, have no idea what the “Mission” is because there’s nothing real included.


    1. Yeah, almost every business founder had a specific and compelling reason for starting THAT particular business (vs all the other ones possible) and it seems that “why” gets lost, never communicated, dumbed down, or reduced to the lowest common denominator. A real shame.


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