25 Leadership Quotes you’ve never heard

I’m a fan of quotes because I enjoy big ideas compressed into a profound sentence or two. I’m also a huge fan of satire. So, satirical versions of famous leadership quotes? Yes, more please.

101 Half Connected Things

A few weeks ago I checked my timeline on Twitter and the entire page was just leadership soundbites.

Some had been put onto an attractive background to make them look more important, some had been attributed to Aristotle or Einstein to make them seem more important – but essentially it was a hint that there was nothing new to share – unless you count new tweets from this guy.


I tweeted that what I thought modern business really needed to drag it completely out of the mire of the financial crisis was #moreleadershipquotes. This is a selection of how people responded.  Take them and do good in the world. Put them above your desk, turn them into calendars – there is more honesty here than you will find in most.

  1. “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed… so let them dress themselves”
  2. “I always maintain that no one person is bigger than this organisation. Although I…

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