Two Years Too Long

July 28, 2018. That’s the last date I posted anything on this site. Two year. Two years too long.

I started this blog in June of 2011 as a way to explore ideas, share thoughts, and connect with the world. A lot has happened in the nine years since then, but the that purpose has been a constant across the years. This blog brought me in touch with amazing people, created fantastic opportunities, and served as both a creative catalyst and outlet in my pursuit of helping bring out the greatness in others.

Then I discovered podcasting. The last post here was an announcement about a limited run show I co-hosted with Dan Waldschmidt.  I had even more fun than I thought I would so after that run ended I started my own podcast called  “Imperfect Action” (available at or wherever you listen to podcasts). One hundred plus episodes and lots and lots of amazing guests later and it’s still going strong. I find podcasting does almost everything this blog did and more. But…

Lately, I’ve been missing writing.

Time to fix that.


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