what thinks you?

what thinks you? – book review

Do you feel like stretching the brain muscle a bit today? Ever wonder how to get around the conventional HR thinking? Or maybe you just want to spend a few minutes a day challenging your thinking?

I have the book for you: “What Thinks You?” by Broc Edwards of the Fool With A Plan blog.

So starts Melissa Fairman’s (@HRRemix) review of “what thinks you? a fool’s eye view of human resources” over at HR reMix. She has nice things to say about the book, but more important are the thoughts and questions it provoked for her. My favorite comment from her review is:  How does Broc read my mind and articulate my thoughts so well and then take it in a completely different direction?

Check out the rest of the review (and take some time to look around her blog – she does nice work).