why did you bother?

Why did you bother advertising to get me in the door if you were going to treat me like you didn’t care?

Why did you work so hard to build up a brand image if you were going to negate all that effort with two brief interactions?

Why do you confuse “not openly hostile” for “pleasant customer service”?

Why do you choose to not use every touch point as a way to build and strengthen my interest and loyalty?

Why should I care about you on Facebook, Twitter, etc. when your employees can’t bother to care about me when I’m in front of them?

Why do you try so hard to build up imaginary signs of customer interest (how many “likes” does it take to equal a sale, how many followers create a profit?) and then not try at all when you have an interested customer right in your store?

Why do waste so much effort in getting me to reach out to you when you can’t be bothered to call me and tell me the service is done / my part has arrived / your serviceperson will arrive very soon / etc.? The two minutes it takes you to call is tremendously helpful to me. Or, you could keep me guessing, wondering, frustrated, irritated, and developing a negative attitude toward your company.

But that’s not a problem, because you have a new advertising campaign coming out, right? You’re spending more on social media. You use the word “branding” a lot. So you’re fine.

Meanwhile, I’ll be down the street giving my money to your competition.

Why did you bother?

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